Saturday, January 31, 2015

Author Visit with Students at WILDWOOD SCHOOL, Los Angeles, CA

Yesterday I had a delightful visit with kindergarten and first grade students at Wildwood School in West Los Angeles.  They were an enthusiastic audience with lots of questions and comments. In advance of my visit they had all read my books A Penguin’s World, A Panda’s World, A Zebra’s World and A Killer Whale’s World. Each class chose an animal and did an art project with cut paper or torn paper, so they were especially interested in learning how I create the cut-paper art for my books. During my program I also talked about birds and measured the students' wingspans, went on a “lion hunt”, showed slides, and finished by reading Wiggle and Waggle and singing the Wiggle and Waggle gardening song with them. I thank Jennifer DuBois in the library for arranging my visit and for doing such a good job preparing the students.

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