Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Signing books, Belleville School, Porterville, CA
For two weeks I did author visits in Porterville, California, at ten wonderful elementary schools. The students and teachers have been very enthusiastic and responsive at the assemblies and the reading teachers, who have been my hosts and coordinators at each school, have done a fantastic job of organizing each day.  Here, in chronological order are some of the highlights of my visits.

Monday, October 17, Monte Vista School.
With reading teacher Ruth Shirk
I began the week at Monte Vista School where I did two assemblies followed by book signing in the library. Then there was a delicious potluck lunch in the staff room and more book signing. I thank Ruth Shirk for organizing the day and for coordinating my trip to Porterville.

Tuesday, October 18, Belleview School
With reading teacher Michelle Davis
At Belleview School I did two assemblies followed by “book signing parties” in Michelle Davis’ classroom, and then visited several of the kindergarten classrooms. The principal, Crystal Milinich and assistant principal, Jolene Robles, took me out for a very tasty lunch at the Oak Pit Steakhouse.

Wednesday, October 19, Westfield School.
With reading teacher Candance Castillo
Both Wednesday and Thursday of this week were minimum days because of parent conferences so my assemblies had to fit into the morning before lunch. Candance Castillo made sure that everything ran smoothly. I then got to meet with the teachers during their lunch.

Thursday, October 20, John J. Doyle School.
With reading teacher Andrew Lopez
Even though it was a minimum day, we managed to have three assemblies at Doyle. I thank Andrew Lopez for helping to make everything run efficiently so that we could make every minute count.

Friday, October 21, Los Robles School.
The week ended with a visit to Los Robles School with two assemblies, a delicious potluck lunch provided by the school staff, and book signing in Shelby Curry’s classroom. Shelby did a terrific job of organizing the day and I thank parent Melody Burkhart for being on hand to help with set-up, book sales and helping make things ran smoothly. It was a great end to a very successful week!
With parent Melody Burkhart and Reading Teacher Shelby Curry

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Panda Walking Print at Etsy

Illustration "A Panda Walking" from A Panda's World
Check out my giclee prints at my Etsy gallery! A Panda Walking is just one of many prints and cards available. Here is the description:

PRINT from original cut paper collage art created for "A Panda's World" (Picture Window Books, 2006.) Perfect for decorating a child's room! Or, for anyone who loves animals.

TITLE: "PANDA WALKING" limited edition fine art prints:# 1 of 50

SIZE: Image is 6.5"x10" with a 1" white border to allow for framing. It will slip into any store-bought 9"x12" frame for easy display. Other sizes available.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

HATCHING CHICKS IN ROOM 6: Coming January 10, 2017!

I am delighted to have an advanced copy of my new book Hatching Chicks in Room 6 (Charlesbridge, 2017.) I think it looks terrific!  (It is already available for pre-order on Amazon.) Stay tuned for more about the book after the official publication date, January 10, 2017.

Author: Caroline Arnold
Photographs by Caroline Arnold
Age: 3-7 years
Pages: 40
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing, 2017 (available January 10, 2017)
ISBN: ( Hardcover ): 9781580897358

From the flap:
In 21 days, chicks will hatch in Room 6! A hen laid the eggs. Mrs. Best brought them to school and put them in an incubator. Soon the chicks will PECK, PUSH, and POP! right out of their shells. The kindergarteners are counting down to hatching day. When it happens, they'll be ready.

Follow a classroom of kindergartners as they participate in a popular activity: hatching chicks. Readers learn about the life cycle of a chicken, incubating eggs, watching them hatch, and raising the chicks until they are old enough to return to the chicken coop.

Simple text and close-up photographs tell the story. Back matter includes answers to questions about chicks, chick vocabulary, links to chicks online and further reading about chicks.

Friday, October 7, 2016


I have recently updated my Author Page on Amazon Central and have a new link . You can find all my books–both print and digital–that are available at Amazon on the page, as well as a short bio and links to my blogs and videos. Enjoy!

Monday, October 3, 2016

CELEBRATING 100,000 PAGE VIEWS of Caroline Arnold Art and Books

Today passed the marker for 100,000 page views of this blog! Hooray! Thanks to all of you have been reading my posts these last few years! I appreciate it very much.  I began regular posting in January 2010 and the viewership has steadily increased since then with a surge in the last few months. While the majority of readers come from the United States, I am pleased to know via the Blogger Stats that it is being read in other countries all over the world as well. I plan to continue posting news of my art and writing events and hope you will continue to enjoy reading Caroline Arnold Art and Books!