Monday, January 19, 2015

NEW BOOK: A DAY AND NIGHT IN THE RAIN FOREST, Written and Illustrated by Caroline Arnold

Cricka, cricka! Calls the toucan. Morning is here!
Are you ready to climb through the day alongside monkeys and coatis? Sneak through the night alongside snakes and jaguars? Come spend a day and night in the Amazon rain forest. The clock is ticking...Time to look, listen, and learn!
Every day and every night animals are busy in the rainforest. They find food, water and safe places to rest. They have everything they need. 

A DAY AND NIGHT IN THE RAIN FOREST follows a 24 hour cycle of activity, highlighting the role of each animal in its habitat and how the habitat supports a variety of life. The illustrations progress from daylight to darkness to daylight again, visually supporting the progression of activity through the day and night. This book can be read aloud to younger children or an older child can read it alone.
Sidebars on each page spread expand information in the text. Back matter includes a map of rain forests of the world, fun facts, a glossary and index, and a guide to websites appropriate for the age group.

A DAY AND NIGHT IN THE RAIN FOREST is one of four books in my new series Caroline Arnold’s Habitats. It is available in both hardcover library binding and in a paperback edition.
Go to my website for Common Core connections, suggested projects and activities, and links to the other titles in the series.

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