Sunday, January 18, 2015

CAROLINE ARNOLD’S HABITATS: A Day and Night in the Rain Forest, Desert, Prairie and Forest--New Series Written and Illustrated by Caroline Arnold

My new books are just out from PictureWindow Books (Capstone)!  The series, Caroline Arnold’s Habitats, includes four titles, A Day and Night in the Rain Forest, A Day and Night in the Desert, A Day and Night on the Prairie, and A Day and Night in the Forest.  Like my earlier PWB series, Caroline Arnold’s Animals, the books are illustrated with my own cut-paper collage art. The large format (10 x 10 inches) makes them perfect for reading aloud in a classroom or library or for reading alone to a young child. Fascinating extra facts appear as sidebars and in the extensive back matter.
6:00 A.M., illustration from  A Day and Night in the Desert
Each book follows a 24 hour cycle of activity, highlighting the role of each animal in its habitat and how the habitat supports a variety of life. The illustrations progress from daylight to darkness to daylight again, visually supporting the progression of activity through the day and night.
9:00 P.M., illustration from A Day and Night in the Desert
The Caroline Arnold’s Habitats books are available in both a hardcover library binding and in a paperback edition. You can go to my website to find Common Core connections to each book, suggested projects and activities, and links to the other titles in the series.

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