Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visit to Young Authors of LA’s Best

I recently had another successful visit with students in the LA’s Best Young Authors Program, this time at Maurice Sendak School in North Hollywood.  I was greeted with a colorful welcome poster made by the children in grades K-2 and could see that they clearly had enjoyed dipping their hands in bright paint to make the design.  I spoke first to the younger grades and shared with them A Zebra’s World, Wiggle and Waggle and Who Has More? Who Has Fewer?  Then, with the older children (grades 3-5) I presented my slides and talked about my life as a writer and how I get ideas.  As the children lined up to leave, I noticed that several of them were carrying musical instruments.  I am pleased to know that they are having so many opportunities to develop their talents and creativity.  Perhaps some of them will grow up to be writers or musicians someday!
My author visit to the LA's Best Young Authors Program was sponsored by California Readers.

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