Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Wiggle and Waggle art project, North Coast Learning Academy, Eureka, CA
Wiggle and Waggle were worms. 
They lived in the garden. 
All day long they dug in the dirt.

My book, Wiggle and Waggle, five short stories for beginning readers about two hard working worms, has inspired numerous gardening and art projects for children. On a recent author visit to North Coast Learning Academy in Eureka, California, I found that the children had made wonderful construction paper pictures of Wiggle and Waggle digging in the dirt.

They drew the worms on pink paper and cut them out. (Wiggle has googly eyes. Waggle has glasses.) Then they folded a large piece of brown construction paper in half and cut four slits, making three strips across the paper. They then inserted the worms under the top and bottom strips to make them look as if they are sliding through the dirt. The final step was to attach a piece of green paper, notched at the top to look like grass, behind the worms. And, voila! We have Wiggle and Waggle digging in the garden!

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