Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SCRATCH BOARD ART: Perfect for Black and White Animals and Other Subjects Too

Scratch board is the perfect medium for drawing pictures of black and white animals such as zebras and penguins, or for creating dramatic effects with any subject.  Using a sharp instrument to draw on the dark surface, the black layer is removed, revealing white underneath.

On one of my school visits I saw amazing scratch board artwork made by the children after reading my books A Zebra’s World and A Penguin’s World.  They had also done drawings from A Koala's World and A Kangaroo's World. Scratch board is also a great medium for depicting animals that are primarily active at night. You can buy scratch board at an art store, or you can create your own by coloring with crayon on heavy paper and than painting over it with India ink.  Scratch board comes in white or with colors underneath the black.

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