Saturday, February 14, 2015

Author Visit to Endeavour Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

Yesterday was my third day in Bakersfield and another terrific school visit, this time at Endeavour Elementary School. I did presentations to three groups students in the auditorium, grades 1-6, and was impressed by their enthusiastic participation and good questions. I also did a workshop with a second grade class who had “won” my visit because their class had ordered the most books for autographing. I read my tall tale, The Terrible Hodag and the Animal Catchers and then asked the students to create their own “mixed-up” animals. They invented some very unusual creatures! 
Many of the primary students had read Wiggle and Waggle and as I toured the school I saw the school garden filled with flowers and vegetables and feeders for attracting birds and butterflies. At lunchtime I enjoyed a delicious meal of Mexican food with the teachers in the staff lounge. I thank librarian Katie Feldstein for all her hard work in organizing the day, ordering books, and preparing the students. I thank Principal Matt Diggle for introducing me and seeing that everything in the day ran smoothly. And I especially thank Cathy Jordan, a very devoted volunteer at Endeavour, for guiding me through the day. Altogether, it was a very successful visit!

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