Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Author Visit at Horace Mann School, Bakersfield, CA

Today I had a terrific visit with students and teachers at Horace Mann Elementary School in Bakersfield, California and I thank kindergarten teacher Kyle Johnson for her super organization of the day. I was greeted by a colorful welcome sign made fourth graders, who also made a sign for the staff room where we had lunch. In advance of my visit, every class had received a copy of my books Wiggle and Waggle and Too Hot? Too Cold?.
After reading them, the kindergarten classes made their own Wiggle and Waggle books, using my story as writing prompts for their own stories. All the primary students knew the Wiggle and Waggle song–which we sang together during the assembly while it was acted out with my Wiggle and Waggle sock puppets. One of the classes even came to the assembly wearing wonderful Wiggle and Waggle hats!
During my break I got a tour of the new school garden which had been planted in raised beds next to the playground. They were bursting with lettuce, peas, onions and all kinds of vegetables ready for harvest. Wiggle and Waggle would have been proud!  Some of the garden vegetables were used to make a delicious salad for the potluck lunch I had with the teachers.
I enjoyed the chance to chat with the teachers and have the opportunity to autograph their books. Altogether, it was a very successful day. I thank Kyle Johnson, the principal, and all the teachers and staff who assisted throughout the day. I also thank the PTA for its generous support.

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