Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Projects for Kids: A GARDEN IN YOUR KITCHEN, Dried Beans and Peas

Sprouting a bean seed
Look around your kitchen. Some of the things we eat are seeds. Some of the things we eat have seeds in them. And some, such as pineapples and carrots, will sprout new leaves if placed in water. Now, at a time when many schools are closed, I will post a new simple gardening project each week that kids can do at home. Have fun watching things grow!

Dried Beans and Peas
There are many kinds of dried beans and peas--navy beans, lima beans, kidney beans and more. Usually, these are cooked and used in soups or hot dishes. But you can also plant them and watch them grow. Only dried beans will grow. Any bean that has been cooked will not grow.
You will need a glass jar or clear plastic cup. Line it with a piece of damp paper towel. Put beans between the towel and the glass. Fill the inside with potting soil.* Keep the dirt and towel moist and warm. In a few days you will see your beans begin to grow. The root will grow down, and the sprout will grow up. Soon leaves will develop from the sprouts. The roots grow longer each day. Measure them each day to see how fast they grow.
*You can omit the soil and still watch your bean sprout as long as you keep the towel moist.
If you plant your sprouted bean seed (paper towel included) in a pot of soil, it will grow into a leafy plant. After the bean sprout has used up the food in the seed, it uses nutrients in the soil to continue growing.
You can experiment with other seeds and plants around your house. It’s fun to discover how things grow–and you’ll end up with a beautiful garden in your kitchen!

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