Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sharing Butterflies with the WPC Preschool

Recently, I raised painted lady butterflies to learn how they grow from egg to caterpillar to adult. After the butterflies emerged from their chrysalises I released them outdoors so they could continue their lives in nature. I took some of them to the WPC preschool to share with the children in Room 1. After looking at them in the classroom we took the butterflies to a grassy lawn next door that was bordered by a flowering garden. The children watched as their teacher let the butterflies out of their netted habitat. One by one, the butterflies fluttered their wings and flew away. A week later I received a charming thank you note decorated with a rainbow of colors--even more colorful than the butterflies. I love it! I thank my friends in Room 1 for their beautiful artwork and for helping me to release my butterflies.

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