Monday, April 24, 2017

MARCH for SCIENCE, Washington, D.C., There is No Plan-et B!

March for Science, Constitution Avenue, Washington, D.C.
“TODAY’S KIDS: TOMORROW’S SCIENTISTS, Children’s Book Authors March for Science” and “SUPPORT SCIENCE EDUCATION, K-12 and Beyond”. Those were my signs for the march. Saturday, April 22, was celebrated as Earth Day, March for Science around the world in 600 locations, raising awareness of the importance of science, science education, and scientific research for the future of our world. In Washington, D.C., I joined a reported 75,000 marchers, along with my husband Art, a neuroscientist, and three friends, for a walk from the Washington Monument at one end of the Mall, down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol.
Art, wearing his UCLA Neuroscience t-shirt, and Caroline with her sign

A sea of signs
The crowd included young people, old people, students, researchers, educators, activists, a drummer, two dinosaurs, someone dressed as Galileo carrying a long cardboard telescope, some wearing lab coats, some sporting knitted brain hats,  parents pushing strollers, many wearing hats and t-shirts with logos, and all kinds of signs. Despite a steady rain, nobody’s spirits were dampened. It was a day to be counted and for voices to be heard. There is no plan-et B!
Here are a few of the many marchers and signs.
Dinosaur carrying sign: "The comet was a Chinese hoax."
We saw  knitted brain hats in pink and gray
Signs: Earth to Trump and Science Brings Us Together
Three great men march for science

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