Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Projects for Kids: A GARDEN IN YOUR KITCHEN, Citrus Fruits

Lemon seeds
Look around your kitchen. Some of the things we eat are seeds. Some of the things we eat have seeds in them. And some, such as pineapples and carrots, will sprout new leaves if placed in water. Now, at a time when many schools are closed, I will post a new simple gardening project each week that kids can do at home. Have fun watching things grow!

Citrus Fruits
The seeds of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit also grow into nice houseplants. Plant them in potting soil, and place on a sunny windowsill. You can start several seeds in one pot, but when they grow, there will be room for only one plant. Then the plants are matchstick size, choose the strongest one and pull out the others. This is called thinning. Gardeners thin so that their plants have plenty of room to grow.
Look for seeds inside an orange

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