Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Star View Elementary School, Huntington Beach, CA
Yesterday, on a bright windy day, I visited a second school in Huntington Beach, California, as part of the annual Huntington Beach Author Festival, this time at Star View School. (They weren’t able to have me to come last week on the official day, so we scheduled it a week later.) I spoke to three groups of very enthusiastic students grades TK to Five, doing my usual program for each age group. As always, the kids enjoyed having their wingspans measured to find out what kind of bird they would be. And, as always, the third graders tended to be red-tailed hawks; it took two kids to be as wide as the wingspan of a bald eagle! All the kids were intrigued by my huge fossil mammoth tooth, which I show in connection with my book Trapped in Tar.
After lunch, I signed the books that had been ordered. I know the kids were eager to get their books after school. For those who didn’t buy books, they can always go to the library to read my books.
I thank teacher Sandy Wahrenbrock for coordinating my visit, organizing the book orders, and providing me with a delicious lunch. I also thank Andrea Van Holt in the office for taking care of the official details of my visit. I enjoyed my visit to Star View!
It's Authors Day at Star View!

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