Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Egg-Citing Activities for Kids, Part 2: Ukrainian Eggs for Easter

You don't have to be Ukrainian to make Ukrainian eggs, called pysanky. Every year since I was growing up, I have made Ukrainian eggs at Easter, getting my first lessons at a Ukrainian gift shop in Northeast Minneapolis. Until a year ago I always used the traditional wooden stylus to make my eggs, heating the metal funnel tip in a candle flame, then inserting it into a lump of beeswax to capture the wax and melt it before drawing on the surface of the egg. Last year I was given an electric tool, which greatly simplifies the process of melting the wax. When my family was visiting, my daughter and grandchildren had a chance to try my new tool. Here are the eggs they made! (Click HERE to see my post from April 2014 to see some of my other eggs from previous years.)
Happy Easter!

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