Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A POEM IN YOUR POCKET, Two Poems by Madeleine Comora

April is poetry month, celebrating poets and poems of all kinds.  Do you have a poem in your pocket to share with your friends?  I have two poems in my pocket written by my friend Madeleine Comora, a wonderful poet and my collaborator on our book Taj Mahal. As I read these poems I remember Madeleine and her ability to bring nature alive with her words.

Two Poems by Madeleine Comora:

Rabbit’s Feet

Long ago
Rabbit’s feet
were delicate
and round,
but Coyote chased him
day and night.
He ran so hard
his feet grew long
and flat.
This slowed him down.
He stopped.
And with those feet
made one great leap
to the moon.


A blanket
of lumbering
dried earth
and moss
goes rumbling.
A mountain’s back
shakes the trees,
gouges and claws
a century of rings.
The heavy breath
is the dark sound
of winter’s drumming.

This is my contribution to the StarWalk KidsMedia article "The Poem in My Pocket." Find out what poems other StarWalk KidsMedia authors are carrying in their pockets at .

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