Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HOLIDAY READING: Celebrate With Books!

Some of my favorite Christmas picture books
What better way to prepare for Christmas than to read some of the special books that celebrate the themes of the season! My daughter's family gets out their collection of holiday children’s books each December when they unpack the decorations for the tree.  Their books include winter snow stories, Santa Claus tales, and retellings of the traditional nativity story. As we reread our favorites we enjoy each one all over again, and even though the grandchildren are growing older, no one ever outgrows the love of a good picture book. 
I send you good wishes for a  
Very Happy Holiday 
and a  
New Year filled with wonderful books! 


Anonymous said...

Nice picture Grandma, I like it.

Natasha Wing said...

The Polar Express is the reason why I got into writing children's books. I have a signed copy!