Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Anyone who works with children knows the insatiable curiosity every child has about the world we live in and how everything in it works. One of the reasons I like writing nonfiction is that I still have those questions inside me. I want to know the answers too. I continually find it amazing that people are actually willing to pay me to find out all kinds of fascinating things.

Once I read an article that described children as being not like vases to be filled, but rather like fires to be lit. I like that image because it suggests that children have minds that are alive and eager to learn. My purpose as a writer is to provide the spark for that fire. I want readers to close the last page of my book and say, “That was exciting!” or “Wow” I never knew that before!”

People often ask me what I like best about being a writer. I enjoy the research and creative process, but the best part for me is when the book is finally published. When the first copy of a book arrives in the mail and I see my name on the cover, it gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction, especially when I know that the book is now ready to go into schools and libraries where kids can read it. I always hope that my readers will feel the same sense of excitement that I felt when I wrote the book.

I enjoy being involved in the creative process and being able to find out new things and trying to understand them. I also get a great deal of satisfaction from being involved with children and trying to keep up with their curiosity. Children are the most valuable resource in our country today and I feel they deserve the best books that we can give them.

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