Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BOOK QUILT: Treasured Souvenir of Author Visit to Taft Primary School Many Years Ago

Detail of Quilt made by students at Taft Primary School, Taft, California
One of the most treasured souvenirs of my many author visits to schools through the years is the book quilt made for me by the students and parents of Taft Primary School in Taft, California. Well in advance of my visit, students had read a variety of my books.  They then chose a topic or scene from one of the books and made their own drawings which were then transferred to fabric by some very hardworking parents and sewn into a quilt.
Scenes from the Winter Olympics
The visit was made almost thirty years ago, around 1985. I can tell because many of the drawings feature events from The Summer Olympics and The Winter Olympics, books that were published at the time of the 1984 Summer Olympics which were held in Los Angeles.

Scene from My Friend From Outer Space
Some of the other quilt squares feature scenes from my book about giant sequoia trees, The Biggest Living Thing, which was illustrated with my own drawings and printed using preseparated colors. Other squares feature one of my favorite and most popular fiction books, My Friend From Outer Space, a story inspired by the imaginative games of my own children. All of the books pictured on the quilt are long out of print.  But every time I get out the quilt, I am not only reminded of the books, but of my wonderful visit to Taft Primary and the tremendous love of books and reading promoted throughout the community.
Scene depicting a page in The Biggest Living Thing

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