Saturday, March 8, 2014

THE TERRIBLE HODAG Now Available as a Kindle Book

My tall tale, The Terrible Hodag, originally published in 1989 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and long out of print, is now available again as an e-book published by StarWalk Kids.  The striking paintings by Lambert Davis that illustrate the book capture the mystery and drama of the story.

Every day, Ole Swenson and the other lumberjacks went into the forest to cut down trees.  They worked hard from sunup to sundown, but when night fell, all the men returned to the lumbercamp.  They did not want to meet the terrible Hodag, who had the head of an ox, the feet of a bear, the back of a dinosaur, and the tail of an alligator.  His eyes glowed like fire and he was forty feet tall.

This book is a retelling of the story told by my father that I heard around the campfire as a child at Camp Bovey in northern Wisconsin.  The story continues to bel told to campers at Camp Bovey today and the Hodag's image is still on their t-shirts, as it was when I was a camper.

You can get The Terrible Hodag for your Kindle at Amazon.

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