Sunday, January 13, 2013

StarWalk Kids Review on SLJ EBook Toolkit

StarWalk Kids Media, which features nine of my books in its catalogue and will soon have more, received an extremely positive technical review (including a video walk-through) this week (January 9, 2013) from SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, the most influential U.S. publication for the institutional buying audience.
Teachers will appreciate the simple yet robust toolkit built into the StarWalk Reader, which includes the ability to highlight, add notes, zoom in or out, and jump to a page by either entering a page number or mousing over the bottom of the screen to reveal page thumbnails and selecting any of them. Educators and parents can also use StarWalk’s advanced search feature to browse the collection by Lexile level, alphabetic reading level, CC standards, and other criteria.
Here is the link to the whole article.
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