Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wiggle and Waggle and Gummi Worm Day

Gummi Worm Pudding and "Bug Juice"
I just learned from new blogger Linda Andersen at "A Writer's Playground" that July 15 is GUMMI WORM DAY!  Here are her suggestions of ways you can celebrate:

 Gummi Worm Day:  (Eat gummi worms while reading books about worms such as Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin at  and illustrated by Harry Bliss.  See  Write a diary entry pretending you’re a gummi worm.  Look for Wiggle and Waggle (chapter book)by Caroline Arnold.  See  It is illustrated by Mary Peterson.  See  Check out the worm facts in the back of the book.

Hooray for worms! They help plants grow big and strong.

You can make your own Worm Party with Gummi worms and chocolate pudding. (You can download the directions for planning a worm party at   Enjoy!

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