Friday, February 4, 2011

School Visit Tip

Recently, I was asked by my friend Alexis O'Neill to contribute a tip for doing school visits for her blog School Visit Here's my tip: Create coloring pages, activity sheets, and other “hands on” projects that can be downloaded from your website and used in the classroom to build up knowledge and interest in your books before or after your visit. Include this information in a packet sent to the librarian before your visit. I love going to schools and see walls of cut paper zebras created from the template on the web page for my book A Zebra’s World. No two zebra’s are ever alike!
In the photo above you can see the wonderful zebra mural made by the students in my brother's third grade class in Novato, CA. I love the way they created a whole African scene.
If you are an author or illustrator, check out the many other useful tips and resources on the School Visit Experts site.

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Caroline Hatton said...

Thanks for these * three * great tips: making activities available online, following, and showing the results of the creative endeavors of students!