Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CONNECTING CULTURES MOBILE MUSEUM: Explore Diversity, See Similarities

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum exhibit panels
Imagine a museum jam packed with hundreds of objects from all over the world that comes to you at your school library! That’s what the Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum in Southern California does. Bringing its exhibits to middle schools in the greater Los Angeles area, sixth, seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to learn about cultures around the world and find connections to their own cultural roots. Every object is labeled with its name, country of origin, and color-coded to its region of the world.
CCMM Reception in the RFK Community Schools Library
A week ago I attended a reception for CCMM supporters at RFK Community Schools in Los Angeles. The spacious library was an ideal place for the exhibit panels and tables of “hands-on” objects that students can examine close-up. Founder and President Valerie Lezin gave a short presentation and then we were invited to enjoy an array of delicious international snacks.
Baskets I collected on my trip to Uganda many years ago
I have been a supporter of CCMM for many years, donating objects that I have collected in my various journeys around the world. It is a pleasure to see them as part of the exhibits and to know that they are having a second life helping to inspire young people about our cultural heritage.
Mexican platter and weavings from Central America collected by my family
The mission of CCMM is to inspire understanding and respect for cultural diversity by exploring global arts and artifacts. Currently, CCMM reaches between 16,000 and 20,000 students each year! The students who have the CCMM visit their school are lucky to have this opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this rich resource.
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Objects connected to writing and trade

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