Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Peace Run Torch Bearer Medal and T-Shirt
To change the world around you,
Give the world
What you have
And serve the world
With what you are.
–Sri Chimnoy
Runners arriving in Santa Monica
The Peace Run, founded by Sri Chimnoy, is a global torch relay that symbolizes humanity’s universal aspiration for a more peaceful world. Now in its third decade, the Peace Run is humanity’s largest and longest grassroots effort for peace. Since its inception the torch has visited more than 140 nations.
Introducing the runners and goals of the Peace Run
Along the route people in thousands of communities — from children to senior citizens, from everyday folks to world leaders — join the Peace Runners by carrying the torch a few steps or a few miles, each person adding their hopes and dreams in a global wave of friendship and goodwill. Through direct participation and media coverage, the Peace Run touches the lives of millions.
The three awardees jointly hold the torch and make a wish for peace
On Sunday, June 8th, the Peace Run team arrived in Santa Monica at Reed Park Recreation Center at Lincoln and 7th Street. I was there to meet the team as they finished their run from Long Beach and to receive a special torch bearer award, along with two other people, Magdelana Kuehne and Marvin Thompson. Magdalena Kuehne, Masters Track and Field star, was honored for her outstanding achievements in athletics. At age 83 she maintains the world record for triple jump in her age group. Marv Thompson is the founder of the Los Angeles Patriots track and field club and has coached star athletes for 35 years. My award was for my dedicated work writing books for children. We had been chosen by members of the Sri Chimnoy group as people who have contributed to the community through sports, the arts, education, and by example, to help improve the lives of others.
Receiving the award with my brother Tom (Pujari)
Each of us was presented by a member of the group and given a medal, a t-shirt, pen, and a certificate of appreciation signed by all the runners. I thank my brother Tom (Pujari) for nominating me for this honor and the Peace Run team for its efforts to spread world peace. For more photos of the Peace Run's visit to Long Beach and Los Angeles, click HERE. This year’s North American Peace Run began in April in New York, and will circle through the United States, Mexico, and Canada before returning to New York in August. To learn more about the Peace Run, go to www.peacerun.org .

“Peace does not mean the absence of war. Peace means the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness.”  Sri Chimnoy

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