Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wiggle and Waggle: Reading, Writing, Math and Art

Wiggle and Waggle art project done by students at Parkside School, San Bernardino, CA
At one of my recent school visits, I went into a classroom and discovered that the children had used my book, Wiggle and Waggle, as inspiration for a whole host of activities. They had done art projects, writing projects, and used the story as inspiration for writing their own math problems.  Here's an example from a second grader:

One day Wiggle and Waggle were in the garden.  Wiggle dug and looped 847 tunnels.  Waggle slithered and dug 827 tunnels.  How many tunnels did Wiggle and Waggle dig all together.
847 + 827 = 1,674.  They dug 1, 674 tunnels.  Wiggle and Waggle had a busy day! 

And when the children were done with their projects, they all had a treat of "worms in dirt"!

For links to a recipe for "worms in the dirt" and other fun wormy activities, go to the Wiggle and Waggle page at my website and look in the section called "Children's Projects".

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