Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can You Roar Like a Lion? Noisytime for Zoo Animals Activity

What kind of noises do animals make?  A lion roars.  A cheetah snarls.  An elephant rumbles.  A sea lion barks.  Each animal “talks” in its very own way.

Learn about animal sounds in Noisytime for Zoo Animals.  I love to read this book when I visit preschool and kindergarten classes.  I ask the children to help me make the animal sounds.  Their favorite is imitating the way a monkey chatters.

Noisytime for Zoo Animals is one of six books in a series about how zoo animals eat, sleep, play, bathe, have babies, and make noise. This easy-to-read book is written for children in preschool to first grade with just one sentence and a photo on each page spread.  Other books in this series are: Mother and Baby Zoo Animals, Mealtime for Zoo Animals, Playtime for Zoo Animals, Sleepytime for Zoo Animals and Splashtime for Zoo Animals. They are all out of print, but you can look for them in your library, online as a used book, or as an ebook on Amazon.

All books in the Zoo Animal series are now available at StarWalk KidsMedia your digital library solution..

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