Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Involved! New Website for A Warmer World Shows You How

Learn how YOU can be involved in helping to combat global warming. This new website,, created by Kirsten Cappy and Jamie Hogan, for A Warmer World:  From Polar Bears to Butterflies, How Climate Change Affects Wildlife, provides tips for helping young people (and everyone else as well) express their concern to lawmakers and other decision makers through offering: Warmer World Actions Alerts about key environmental legislation and actions; a place to locate your Congressperson's email address; plus E-Cards to send to Congresspeople and other concerned citizens. Blog posts featuring items in the news relevant to climate change are a feature of the home page.  The site also has information about the book and biographical information about me and the illustrator, Jamie Hogan. Take a look at  Together we can slow the warming of the world!

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