Fable Learning Digital Books (formerly StarWalk Kids)

Many of my out-of-print books are getting a new life at StarWalk Kids Media Digital Library.  They have been redesigned with a contemporary look for today's readers.
Note: StarWalk Kids has recently been acquire by Isabella Products and is now known as Fable Learning.
The books are available via the browser-based Fable Reader, which works on most any device, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards. It’s anytime access—students with an account can log in from home or anywhere they have an Internet connection. And multiple users, whole classes, can read the same title simultaneously.
Designed for classroom use, the books accommodate notetaking and highlighting. Educators can search for books by author, title, keyword, subject, Lexile level, alphabetic reading level, and Common Core (CC) State Standards links. An especially handy feature for younger users is the ability to navigate by thumbnail images of each page, which appear along the bottom of the Reader. “Teaching Links” match each title to relevant CC standards and provide suggested activities.

Many of the Fable Learning titles are also available on Amazon as Kindle books.  You can search by title on Amazon or link directly from the Fable Learning catalogue.

The following Caroline Arnold titles are now available at Fable Learning or will be available soon.

Sun FunSun Fun (Franklin Watts, 1981) ISBN 0-531-04312-6; (StarWalk Kids 2012)
This e-book for children ages 5-10 presents ten easy and fun activities that use energy from the sun such as making a sun clock, shadow puppets and sun reflectors. Illustrated with art by Caroline Arnold.

Playtime for Zoo Animals Playtime for Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-391-8; StarWalk Kids, 2012)
Find out how tigers, elephants, koalas and other zoo animals play in this easy-read book.

Mealtime for Zoo Animals Mealtime for Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-287-5; (StarWalk Kids, 2012)
Discover some of the many foods that monkeys, zebras, cheetahs and other zoo animals eat in this easy-read book.

Splashtime for Zoo Animals Splashtime for Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-288-1; (StarWalk Kids, 2012)
Learn how water is important for hippos, flamingos, polar bears and other zoo animals in this easy-read book.

Noisytime for Zoo Animals Noisytime for Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-289-X; (StarWalk Kids, 2012) 
Listen to the many sounds that lions, parrots, monkeys and other zoo animals make in this easy- read book.

Sleepytime for Zoo Animals Sleepytime for Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-290-3; (StarWalk Kids, 2012) 
See how lions, orangutans, rhinoceroses and other zoo animals get their rest in this easy-read book.

Mother and Baby Zoo Animals Mother and Baby Zoo Animals (Carolrhoda, 1999) ISBN 1-57505-285-7; (StarWalk Kids, 2012)
Watch mother and baby llamas, giraffes, pandas and other zoo animals in this easy-read book.

Wild Goat(Morrow Junior Books, 1990); (StarWalk Kids, 2012)
Ibexes are wild goats native to the arid mountains of northeast Africa and the Middle East.  Follow twin baby ibexes as they grow up in the zoo.

Tule Elk Tule Elk(Carolrhoda Books, 1989); (StarWalk Kids, 2012) Tule Elk in California are the smallest elk species.  Learn how people have helped them survive as human use has encroached on their home territory.

Dinosaur Mountain: The 1909 discovery of bones protruding from a sandstone mountain in Utah led to the unearthing of other remains and proved to be one of the greatest fossil discoveries of the century. The site is still being excavated and is a continuing source of new information about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs All Around:
On a visit to the workshop of dinosaur artists Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas, where a life-size dinosaur model is being constructed, the reader learns what dinosaurs really looked like, how we know how big they were, how they moved, and what color skin they may have had.

Dinosaurs Down Under:  A look at the unique fossils of prehistoric Australian creatures ranging from huge lizards to now extinct giant marsupials. The story follows the journey of a museum exhibit, on loan from Australia, as it is  is shipped, assembled, and displayed in a Los Angeles museum.

BatBat (Morrow Junior Books 1999); StarWalk Kids, 2013)
Discusses the physiology and behavior of this mammal as well as the fears, misconceptions, and superstitions which have given it a bad reputation.

Fox Fox(Morrow Junior Books, 1996); StarWalk Kids, 2013.
This book focuses on the tiny kit fox which makes its home in the desert regions of the United States and Mexico highlighting its special characteristics and comparing them with those of the other five species of foxes found in the United States. Named an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the NSTA/CBC.

Lion Lion(Morrow Junior Books, 1995) StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Elephant Elephant(Morrow Junior Books, 1993)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

monkey Monkey(Morrow Junior Books, 1993)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Panda Panda(Morrow Junior Books, 1992) Soon to be available at StarWalk Kids Media.

Camel Camel(Morrow Junior Books, 1992)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Snake Snake(Morrow Junior Books, 1991) StarWalk Kids Media.

Flamingo Flamingo(Morrow Junior Books, 1991) StarWalk Kids Media.

Hippo Hippo(Morrow Junior Books, 1989)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Zebra Zebra(Morrow Junior Books, 1987)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Killer Whale Killer Whale(Morrow Junior Books, 1994)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Kangaroo Kangaroo(Morrow Junior Books, 1987) StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Koala Koala(Morrow Junior Books, 1987)  StarWalk Kids Media (2013).

Sea Lion
(Morrow Junior Books, 1994)  StarWalk Kids Media (2014).
(Morrow Junior Books, 1990)  StarWalk Kids Media (2014).
(Morrow Junior Books, 1988) StarWalk Kids Media.
Informative and engaging, Giraffe offers a close-up look at this gentle giant of the African plains. A clear text and forty extraordinary full-color photographs highlight the giraffe’s unusual physical features and present a fascinating view of its day-to-day life and behavior, both in captivity and in the wild.
My book, GIRAFFE, originally published by Morrow Junior Books, is now available as a digital book at StarWalk Kids and also soon at Amazon as a Kindle book. It is illustrated with captivating photos by Richard Hewett.

Llama offers youngsters a close-up view of these gentle, elegant-looking natives of the high Andean plateaus. They are used to transport goods in places where cars and trucks cannot go, and their wool is woven into beautiful, warm clothing.

My book, LLAMA, originally published by Morrow Junior Books, is now available as a digital book at StarWalk Kids and also soon at Amazon as a Kindle book. It is illustrated with captivating photos by Richard Hewett.

City of the Gods: Mexico's Ancient City of Teotihuacan (Clarion Books, 1994)

Stone Age Farmers Beside the Sea: Scotland's Prehistoric Village of Skara Brae (Clarion Books, 1997.)StarWalk Kids Media (2014)
Five thousand years ago Stone Age farmers tilled the land in northern Scotland. Join visitors to the Orkney Islands and explore the remains of the Neolithic village of Skara Brae and see many of the ancient objects found during its excavation. No other place in Northern Europe provides such a complete picture of life in this period when people made tools of stone and bone and began to live in settled communities. Illustrated with photographs by Arthur Arnold.
At more than fifty feet in length, megalodon was the largest predatory shark that ever lived. Find out about this extinct relative of the great white shark and its fossil remains.
Recent fossil discoveries of dinosaurs with feathers add to a growing body of evidence that one branch of the dinosaur family tree developed into birds. Learn about the latest scientific discoveries and what they tell us about the ancestry of birds.
During the Ice Age, woolly mammoths roamed the frozen lands to the north, while the huge Columbian mammoths lived in warmer parts of North America. Find out how scientists are learning more about these extinct relatives of elephants from fossil remains found in places ranging from sinkholes and tarpits to frozen tundra and at the bottom of the sea. Illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings by Laurie Caple.
 Watch Out for Sharks! (Clarion Books, 1991)Photos by Richard Hewett.

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